Audi 100

1982-1990 of release

Repair and operation of the car

Audi 100
+ 1.1. Governing bodies and devices
+ 2. Technical characteristics
+ 3. Engines
+ 4. Cooling system
+ 5. Exhaust system
+ 6. Power supply system
+ 7. Transmission
+ 8. Running gear
+ 9. Steering
+ 10. Brake system
+ 11. Body
- 12. Electric equipment
   + 12.1. System of electric equipment
   + 12.2. System of ignition
   - 12.3. Electric circuits
      12.3.1. The explanation to electroschemes
      12.3.2. Points of connection with "weight"
      12.3.3. Generator, accumulator, starter
      12.3.4. System of ignition, relay of the fuel pump
      12.3.5. Idling stabilization, control of pressure of oil
      12.3.6. The radiator fan (work after an engine stop)
      12.3.7. Indexes of turns, alarm system, stoplight lamps
      12.3.8. Ignition lock, signals of the parking brake
      12.3.9. Switch of indexes of turns, marker lights and headlights
      12.3.10. Headlights and back fog lamps
      12.3.11. Backing lamps, lighting of the dashboard, motor compartment
      12.3.12. Screen wipers, windscreen washers, washers of headlights, sound signal
      12.3.13. Control lamps of cooling liquid and wear of brake shoes
      12.3.14. Dashboard, speedometer
      12.3.15. Dashboard
      12.3.16. Heating of back glass, heater fan
      12.3.17. Lighter, lighting of the lighter, radio tape recorder
      12.3.18. Internal illumination of a luggage carrier
      12.3.19. Device of injection of KE-Jetronic
      12.3.20. Injection of fuel with adjustment of detonation combustion
      12.3.21. System of ignition, oil pressure control unit
      12.3.22. Dashboard, sensor of temperature of cooling liquid
      12.3.23. Device of injection of KE III Jetronic (100 KW engine)
      12.3.24. Accumulator, starter, generator (diesel engine)
      12.3.25. Kalilny candles, relay of kalilny candles
      12.3.26. Oil pressure control unit
      12.3.27. Dashboard case
      12.3.28. The radiator fan (work after an engine stop)
      12.3.29. External mirrors with the electric drive and an electrical heating
      12.3.30. Central lock
      12.3.31. Radio tape recorder
      12.3.32. Headlights and back fog lamps

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12.3. Electric circuits

12.3.1. The explanation to electroschemes


Most of consumers of the electric power unite to "weight" wires of brown color. For the correct connection of devices of electric equipment their contacts are numbered.

For convenience of use all electric chains on electroschemes are located vertically and numbered.

From above on schemes the block of safety locks and the relay limited from below to the horizontal line is represented. Thin lines over it are internal connections in the block.

Horizontal lines in the block at numbers 30, 15, H and 31 – internal connections of the block with power supplies and "weight". The chain 30 constantly is energized the battery, the chain 15 – only at the included ignition and receives food via the ignition lock. The chain of X is energized also at the included ignition, but at inclusion of a starter it is disconnected. The chain 31 is connected to "weight".

From below on schemes there passes the horizontal line which shows connection with "weight".

The figures in circles standing near crossing of vertical chains with the horizontal weights line indicate an arrangement of points of "weight" on a body.

The figure in a white square at the end of a vertical chain shows, in what chain it is necessary to watch continuation of this wire. Colors of wires on schemes correspond to flowers of wires on the car. The figure on each wire means the area of section of a conducting vein of a wire in square millimeters.

The figure in a black square designates number of the relay in the block of safety locks and the relay, the letter in a circle standing near a wire – one-piece connection of wires.

Internal connections (thin lines) – such connections do not represent wires, however on them there is an electric current. They give the chance to track ways of course of current in electric equipment.

The clip 15 – at the included ignition on it is available accumulator tension.

Position number of the relay – designates the relay, designates number of the relay on the additional panel of the relay.

Section of a wire is given in mm2.

Designation of an element – allows to find the name of the element presented by a graphic symbol in the list.

Color of a wire – corresponds to color of a wire in the car.

Designations of kotnakt – on the relay, a control unit and on a payment or the additional panel of the relay.

Alphanumeric designation in places of connections – defines the provision of wires in sockets (M30az).

Figures in small squares – designate interruption of a chain and set number of a current path of continuation of a chain.

Alphanumeric designation – notes demountable connection (T8a/7).

Symbols on electric circuits