Audi 100

1982-1990 of release

Repair and operation of the car

Audi 100
+ 1.1. Governing bodies and devices
+ 2. Technical characteristics
- 3. Engines
   + 3.1. Four-cylinder engines
   - 3.2. Five-cylinder engines
      3.2.1. Removal and installation of the engine
      + 3.2.2. Dismantling and assembly of the engine
   + 3.3. Diesel engine
+ 4. Cooling system
+ 5. Exhaust system
+ 6. Power supply system
+ 7. Transmission
+ 8. Running gear
+ 9. Steering
+ 10. Brake system
+ 11. Body
+ 12. Electric equipment

3.2. Five-cylinder engines


Five-cylinder engine

1 – camshaft drive belt;
2 – camshaft drive cover the top;
3 – camshaft drive cover the lower;
4 – camshaft drive cover the back;
5 – camshaft cogwheel;
6 – head of the block of cylinders;
7 – spline;
8 – bolt of fastening of a head of the block;
9 – laying of a cover of a head of the block;
10 – laying forward;
11 – cover of a head of the block of cylinders;
12 – stopper of a maslozalivny mouth;
13 – clamping plate;
14 – laying back;
15 – inlet pipe;
16 – starting nozzle;
17 – ignition distributor;
18 – laying of a head of the block of cylinders;
19 – block of cylinders;
20 – oil probe;
21 – oil case;
22 – water pump

The five-cylinder line engine is installed in the car is longitudinal with an inclination to the right. The block of cylinders of the engine – pig-iron bezgilzovy. The head of the block of cylinders is cast from an aluminum alloy. In a head of the block saddles of valves and the directing plugs made of special brass are pressed. In a head of the block the camshaft which is given to rotation by a gear belt from a cranked shaft is located. The same belt puts the water pump installed on the left side of the block of cylinders in action.

On the back end of a camshaft the ignition distributor drive gear wheel is located. From a camshaft also fuel pump on carburetor engines is put in action.

The cranked shaft steel shod, rotates on six bearings.
Valves are put in action by a camshaft through pushers. On engines of the KU and NF models hydraulic pushers are established.

Pistons are cast from an aluminum alloy with steel inserts, on each piston rings are established two compression and one oil scraper.

The oil pump is installed in forward part of the block of cylinders and is given to rotation from a cranked shaft. The oil filter full-line, is established on the right side of the block of cylinders.

On engines of the WH model the carburetor is installed, engines of the KP, WS, KU, RT, NF models are equipped with system of injection of fuel.